Godspeed, they crack me up. Here are some new pieces, called “How to Get Famous.”

In the designers’ words:

As a comment on Maarten Baas’s Smoke and Jens Fager’s Raw, both excellent works, we like to add this piece to the furniture world.

It is a paraphrase on a paraphrase, pointing out our incapability to come up with something new, literary going through the dumpsters in order to be able to invent something not already seen.

We are living the American Dream, everyone an independent individual that can be and do anything, still desperately going through layers after layers of history, trying to find something to copy in order to get 15 Minutes of Fame.

Never before have the world seen so many copies, fusions, mixes, paraphrases and we are of course glad to be able to contribute to this era.

The aim here is to get Famous, by using a few simple grips.

Copy the masters, steal the classics, the older the better and add a twist.
Get backed up by a bigger and more Famous name.
Be white male unless you are a quartet of women looking both cool and good.

Clearly, Godspeed are not doing this for the simple reason of being celebrities, Godspeed simply want to explain to you what Godspeed are up to and therefore Godspeed had to take this rather radical measures.