Corazón Coraza is a heart-shaped jug that’s more accurately shaped than the hearts we see today. Inspired by Uruguayan poet Mario Benedetti, designer Christian Vivanco collaborated with Mexican ceramics manufacturer Ánfora, to create these jugs.

Coraz¢n Coraza (11)

Compact and elegant, it’s the perfect amount of liquid for one or two glasses. This makes the ceramic jug perfect for the home or office and for sharing simple yet intimate moments.

Coraz¢n Coraza (13)

Corazón Coraza debuted this past month at Ánfora’s stand at Zona Maco Fair as a limited edition.

Coraz¢n Coraza (17)

Coraz¢n Coraza (12)

Coraz¢n Coraza (14)

Coraz¢n Coraza (16)