Metropolitan Home and Showtime have teamed up again for the Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House where a team of designers design rooms based on Showtime’s hit series. This time, they’re serving up some Weeds, Dexter, The Tudors, Nurse Jackie, and Californication. Click here for last year’s house and continue reading for the rooms from this year’s home.

The Nurse Jackie room by Chris Coleman and Angel Sanchez. Angel is a fashion designer who designed wedding dresses for Eva Longoria and Sandra Bullock, and he did the incredible couture bedding. The wallpaper was custom-designed for the team, too.


The hallway to the room done by workshop/APD for Nurse Jackie. Note the pill bottles on the wall. The painting in the back is of John the Baptist, something that is a key moment on the show.


The Tudors room, designed by Piero Lissoni with Nicoletta Canesi, Lissoni Associates. The room features Henry VIII and his 6 wives, screened onto chairs, a rug, and a canvas. The chairs are also decorated with Swarovski crystals and paint.


The Dexter kitchen by Marie Aiello has an island in the shape of a meat cleaver, and lovely shades of grey. The only red in the entire space would be the handles on the knives you can see on the island. The handles are also really cool because they are bicycle handle grips.


The Californication room designed by Joannah Kornak for Holly Hunt. This room is very masculine, with leather, wood, and fur. The bed is intentionally left rumpled with lingerie on it, to represent the character’s lifestyle.


This is the table designed by James Biber for Weeds. It is in the shape of a cross (which is a key moment in the 3rd season) and covered in moss. One funny thing to note…the character on Weeds is always drinking a Slurpee, so the designer included Slurpee tops and straws on all the martini glasses.

Photography by Antoine Bootz, courtesy of Metropolitan Home’s Showtime House 2009.