Blu Dot’s booth at ICFF was packed with new stuff this year, and it was good. So good that they won best body of work this year. I can’t say that I disagree with that decision.

Cant Desk
A cantilevered silhouette sets the stage for hard work. Or update your page so everybody knows that you just bought a sweet desk. Desktop is in a warm walnut veneer with solid walnut legs, and your choice of gray or bright red powder-coated steel accents.

Booty call! Put yours to rest in this stylish task chair and get busy. The aluminum seat shell, powder-coated in ivory, pivots and tilts for full functionality and comfort. Upholstered seat and back available in ocean and smoke.

Ole, motherf#@!xer! You will be hanging (literally) in style in the thick, saddle leather sling of this lounge chair. It’s comfortable and marvelous all at once. Choose between day (natural leather sling with white-stained, solid beech frame) or night (black-tanned leather sling with black-stained, solid beech frame).

The Standard Sofa
Standard issue modern reconsidered to deliver far from standard looks and comfort. Park your keister here during the next big game or challenge yourself to a grueling nap marathon. Stainless steel legs fortify the thick-armed deliciousness and four fabric options keep it lively. Sofa and sectional are available in charcoal, ocean, smog, or stone.

The Diplomat Sleeper Sofa
Sofa by day, peacekeeper by night. This warm and inviting sofa flips forward to become a queen-sized sleeper at a moment’s notice. Walnut legs coordinate thoughtfully with your choice of four fabrics: brunette, coal, smog, or stone.

Flat Out
The name says it all. Sit up or sleep it off. Quickly convert from upright lounging to horizontal sprawl. Playful contrast stitching, kicky French seams, and a solid stainless steel base add pizzazz to the straightforward yet inviting form.

Traditional woodworking joinery takes on a different light when slender wooden legs pirouette open to form a well-poised base. A crisp white linen shade and red cloth-covered cord complete the trifecta of goodness. Available in two sizes, depending on how much leg you want to show.

This lamp will make you better looking, a more confident lover, and rich beyond your wildest dreams. Ok, it can’t really do all of those things, but you have to admit it looks pretty freaking cool. Powder-coated steel panels come together to create the beguiling form and a cloth-covered cord seals the deal. Available in two sizes and your choice of three colors: black, ivory or yellow.

Rook Lamp
You don’t need to be skinny to be beautiful (take that Real Good Chair!). This little light of ours is, unapologetically, a bit chunky- and we think it’s pretty hot. It’s also a confident show off: Rook can sit on three legs, but he prefers to sit on one!  Solid walnut with an off-white linen shade and a gray 80” cloth cord.