Designer Ivan Zhurba calls his polygonal backpack design The One, but it’s actually comprised of two distinct parts: a hard outer shell with a soft diamond stitched leather interior. The idea behind his faceted design is similar to customizable phone cases, with a protective outer shell designed to be switched out according to needs and fashionable whims, combined with a soft leather inner backpack snapping within to safely stow away possessions.



The outer shell is currently available in either black, white, or pink, but it appears there might be plans for additional finishes, including metallics. The leather backpack insert includes space for a laptop, adjustable leather shoulder straps, a pocket for a DSLR camera with two lenses/water bottles, and a sleeve sized for an iPhone. The switch out system works using velcro for a secure hold, but easy removal when needed.




As a whole, The One is a fashionable piece seemingly ideal for cyclists, motorcyclists, or anyone looking for an additional extra layer of protection and customization in their backpack wear. We hope to see additional colors and materials (e.g., Kevlar for more serious motoring wear) in the near future.