A new collection from Fetiche Design called Pai João includes a re-imagining of traditional Brazilian stools in a formal shiny black lacquer finish.

From the designers:

Confrontation: the most traditional stool of the Brazilian interior in black-tie custom. Eclectic and subversive blend. The simple luxury. Preto Velho wearing Armani. Preto Velho is an entity worshiped by African-Brazilian religions. It has the archetypal of the black old man, the slave. His elderly shape represents wisdom and faith, and his slave characteristic denotes simplicity and humbleness. Pai João (Father John) is an entity.

The Brazilian interior stool made of pine with seat weaved in Taboa (kind of a brazilian natural fiber) was always in our searches. A classical piece. For a long time we wanted to use it as a reference, so we decided to do a reverence and kept the formal construction.

Photos by Diego Cagnato.