Toer never ceases to amaze me, whether it’s designing a table that can be mailed in a simple envelope or creating a mesmerizing light sculpture that interacts with sound around it, they always push the envelope and think outside the box. Their latest? Well, they’ve designed the Cumulus Parasol, a solar powered parasol that inflates itself when the sun begins to shine. I know, mind = blown.

Located on the top of the cloud-like parasol are solar panels. When it’s sunny, the panels power a fan that inflates the cloud in about 20 seconds. When the sun fades or sets, the parasol deflates. It can also be switched off by a switch that’s integrated into the pole.


Just like a cloud in the sky, Cumulus blocks the sun when you’re outside enjoying the weather but don’t want direct sunlight hitting you. The puffy cloud is two-meters in diameter when inflated so you’ll get plenty of sun protection.