Haus am Weinberg is a minimal home located in Stuttgart, Germany, designed by UNStudio. The location of the residence was once a rural countryside which later developed into small suburban neighborhood. As a result, the house enjoys pastoral views of stepped terraces and the rolling hillside on one side, and views of the cityscape and villas on the other. 

The distinctive element of Haus am Weinberg is the “twist,” which dictates the home’s inner circulation, organization of the views, and support for its central staircase. The natural landscape is united with the interior program by forcing the views from the outside to become an integral experience of the interior. In turn, the building is supported with only four elements: elevator shaft, two pillars and one inner column. This allows the four corners of the interior space to be uninhibited by architectural elements that would otherwise block the view.

Practically every corner of the home is exposed to a spectacular view of the outside environment. Since the architects wanted the interior to take on a brighter scheme, lighter materials such as oak for the floors and white clay stucco for the walls were used. I love UNStudio’s ability to make such an aesthetically beautiful structure coupled with an intensely holistic outlook of the building’s relationship with its surroundings.

Photography by Iwan Baan and Christian Richters.