As a marketer within the furniture industry, I have come across thousands of designs that overlap, influence, and even contentiously imitate one another. I have become aware of what separates the most interesting pieces of furniture from the ordinary and dull. By dissecting their underlying details, furniture pieces come alive when there is an appreciation for its production, materials, and creative process.

Neat is a collection of minimalist tables designed by Christophe Pillet for Kristalia. The construction of the table is simple and straightforward — aluminum, plywood, and white lacquer. Stated by Pillet himself, “The chair and table I have designed for Kristalia are ambitious projects, not only due to their design but also to the difficulty involved in industrially producing them. These objects are simple in shape but technically complicated.”

What I appreciate most about this table is how the designer kept everything well-balanced and proportioned. The design is clean, light, and elegant. The integrated cable holder provides a simplistic solution for a modern problem. Overall, this table is an example of both minimalist and versatile design.