While some people strive to make the very difficult look very easy, Lili Haydn works body and soul to squeeze every last drop of energy out of her overwhelming and emotional performances, whether she’s onstage with Roger Waters performing for hundreds of thousand or in a small cafe performing for dozens. If you ever get a chance to see her live, consider yourself very lucky! A classically trained violinist and talented songwriter, Lili Haydn has a powerful ability to put a modern spin on the old world sounds.  In her music you can hear three distinct voices, her song, her singing, and above all her violin. Her greatest strength is the ability to weave together passion and compassion, a philosophy that has extended to her involvement with charitable causes such as Amnesty International and Artists for Human Rights.

If you want your chance to see Lili perform check out her special appearance the hit Showtime show Californication on November 23rd where she performs “Saddest Sunset” at the Hollywood Bowl. Here’s a clip from the show:

“In Mississippi or India or Spain –- every culture has its violin music, and when people hear that played with a lot of intensity and a lot of heart, it hearkens back to their fondest memories -– or their worst. It really has a place in everybody’s cultural DNA,” says Haydn. Now this idea transcends into my new creation of “Lililand”, the space high up in the trees where Ms. Haydn created her latest album “Place Between Places.” The space filled with select treasures from around the world captures stories to freeze moments in time. There are pieces passed down through the years that are precious and full of character. While there are carvings that twist through each piece much like Haydn shreds through her solos, resulting in a masterpiece. These old world elements collide with the modern bright red hardwood floors and soar high above the rest of the city in this organic tree house filled with peace and love. The vintage trunks, aged to perfection, are just waiting to be packed with pages of pages of brand new music!


1. Ikat Wall Hanging 2. Vintage Mirror 3. Florentine Smoke Chandelier 4. Still Life Squirrel Piggy Bank 5. Bronze Love 6. Faulkner Chest 7. Venetian Tufted Headboard 8. Model Hardwood Floor 9. Vintage Violin Form 10. Writing Desk 11. Peace Pillow 12. Laure Light 13. 19th Century French Chair 14. Vintage Suitcase 15. Ichibad Side Table