German designer Fabian Gatermann created a concept room in a design hostel called the cube room, which is based around color cubes. Spotted throughout the room at the Die Wohngemeinschaft, the cube presents itself in both the artwork and furniture, making it a superbly artistic, yet cohesive, space to rent during your stay in Cologne, Germany.

The ART MATRIX is an interactive piece that allows each guest of the cube room to color one canvas cube in a color of their choice. Over time, the abstract work will evolve and unite the 400 people from around the world that each have a colored cube.

View of the bed and LED light box

The LED SLIGHT BOX is made from colored medium format slides and lit by LED lighting. It’s fully controlled by a touch remote and can change the light to fit your mood (the LED SLIGHT BOX is a registered design product of Fabian Gatermann).

Made of stacked wood palettes, the bed is mostly white with pops of color cubes.

Photos by Natalie Bothur, Bettina Malik, and Fabian Gatermann.