Located in Penafiel, Portugal, the White Wolf Hotel offers guests a holistic place that is surrounded by the calm of its natural environment. Designed by AND-RÉ as a series of buildings that are built to reflect the nature around, the hotel is dedicated to the body and spirit and offers its visiting guests alternative ways of living.


The design is there to be a place to live or just visit, but also to be a place of joy, happiness, and peace. They chose to separate the hotel into different buildings, all while having each one adapt to the natural conditions and the land.


They took the design back to the basics, kind of like the hotel’s simple philosophies of bringing things back to joy and happiness (the basics of life), with simple geometric forms.


The all-white buildings avoid being aggressive in form and look somewhat airy and light, almost like they are floating above the ground.


The lower floor are totally permeable to light and are designed for daily uses. The upper bedroom floors offer more private and cozy spaces for guests who get to control the amount of natural light that enters. Skylights were placed above the beds so people can gaze at the stars as they fall asleep at night.



The stark white continues to the interior of the hotel, helping to bring a sense of calm to the inside.






Photos by João Soares.