I think this house tops my list of dream houses. Called the Yucatan house, it’s located in São Paulo, Brazil, and was designed by Isay Weinfeld for a young couple and their children.

The home is made up of seven box-like structures — all different sizes and all made of different finishes — and were distributed asymmetrically on the land. A wall covered in aluminum plaques painted black extend from the entrance.

A long, natural pool extends out from the dining room and features a system to use, reuse and treat water that combines water plants and various fish.

I’ve always wanted a floating dining room…

This is the room of my dreams.

The homeowners are avid contemporary art collectors, so they wanted a spacious, bright and informal atmosphere home where they could display their pieces and yet still feel comfortable.

There are some really beautiful art displays within the home.

Photos by FG+SG.