10 Bold + Modern Pendant Lights Designed to Make a Statement

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10 Bold + Modern Pendant Lights Designed to Make a Statement

After a while of living in a space, it’s easy to ignore light fixtures that were left behind by the previous inhabitants. It’s like we develop blinders to them, especially when you just can’t afford to change them all out at once. When you finally bite the bullet, though, it completely changes the look and feel of a space making it almost hard to remember what was there before. As someone who recently swapped out original lights for fixtures that are more modern, I can attest to how life changing it is, especially when spending so much time working from home. If you’re looking to make a statement or two in your own space, check out these bold and modern pendant lights that will make you love your home again.

black leather pendant lights

>>> LLOYD Pendant by Puik Design
Available in Black or Natural, these pendants are made by hand using a traditional method that hardens and molds leather. Each is finished with a stitched detail down both sides.

stacked cardboard pendant lamp

>>> Moon10 White Pendant Light by graypants
The smallest of the orb-shaped fixtures, the white Moon10 is 10″ in diameter (hence its name) and handcrafted from laser cut cardboard with open edges revealing the corrugated pattern from each layered piece. Moon10 also comes in Natural cardboard, as well as in larger sizes, including Moon14 and Moon18, and can be hung solo or in clusters.

minimalist black pendant lights

>>> Royyo Pendant by Koncept
Royyo’s minimalist design includes a discrete wiring system and shallow disc shade resulting in a sleek silhouette. The Royyo Pendant comes in four colors – Matte Black, Silver, Matte White with Gold and Chrome – and as a single pendant or seven other variations in a Linear design with 3, 5 or 7 pendants, or a Circular design with 3, 6, 13 or 19 pendants for a massive chandelier.

triangular wood pendant lights

>>> The Triangle Pendant by hollis+morris
For a geometric look, this Small or Large triangular shaped pendant emits a soft LED glow from its solid wood structure, which can be hung at any angle. Available in W. Oak Black, W. Oak Natural, W. Oak White and Walnut, the fixture stands out on its own while also creating a sculptural immersive environment when grouped together.

pendant light with twisted brass ribbons

>>> Spring Brass Small Pendant by Tom Dixon
Spring comes three sizes – Small, Medium and Large – featuring bands of brass-finished stainless steel twisted like a whisk. The pliant ribbons allow the user to adjust the fixture for various silhouettes.

tom dixon opal pendant light


>>> Opal 25cm Pendant by Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon’s Opal is a small translucent ceiling light with a minimal matte black ceiling rose. The modern, spherical pendant light gives off an ethereal glow that is perfect for creating a warm, soft atmosphere in your home. 

cardboard pendant light

>>> Denny Natural Pendant Light by graypants
Measuring in at 14″ in diameter x 25″ high, the Denny fixture is designed to make a bold statement while providing a warm, intimate feel as light escapes through its corrugated edges. It’s also available in a White version.

two hanging pendant lamps

>>> GROOVE Pendant Light by Puik Design
GROOVE comes in a Small or Large size and in four colors – Gray, Black, Green and White – making it a great choice for most any space. Its silhouette has a classic aesthetic with a modern twist that works individually or in a grouping of various sizes and colors.

hollis + morris catkin pendant lights


>>> The Catkin Pendant by Hollis + Morris

The Catkin pendants by Hollis + Morris feature a stylish wooden base and matte, larger than expected white bulb for a crisp wash of ambient light. 

white pendant fixture with brass interior

>>> Beat Wide Pendant LED White by Tom Dixon
Beat Wide pops with a glossy white exterior finish and a contrasting warm, golden interior that’s beaten to refract and reflect soft, warm light. If white isn’t your color, Beat Wide also comes in Matte Black and Brushed Brass.

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Caroline Williamson is Editorial Director of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.