10 Reasons You’ll Want to Add Geometric Patterns to Your Home

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10 Reasons You’ll Want to Add Geometric Patterns to Your Home

Thankfully, geometric patterns are here to stay. Artists and designers continue to come up with fresh designs, and in new and inventive ways, making it impossible not to love them for years and years. If you’re afraid of too much pattern or want to take it slowly, it’s easy to incorporate one or two things to help invigorate a space. If you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum, geometric patterns can definitely cater to the maximalist in you. Read on for 10 ideas on how to add in geometric patterns into your home without going overboard.

Decorate the walls

Entrance 1 Art Print by Tom Pigeon
A print can add a lot to a bare wall, whether it hangs on its own or in a grouping, and since they’re not permanent you can move them from room to room or take them with you when you move. This contemporary print was part of a commissioned set of prints for the V&A Museum and the landmark Exhibition Road entrance opening, where modern and classic design merge. The print makes a subtle yet graphic statement with its four screen printed colors and semi-circular band that’s foil blocked in pale brass metallic.

Forest Green Magnetic Art Play Box by TOO Designs
This interactive set includes a steel canvas with a series of geometric magnets that you can spend endless hours rearranging to create the perfect piece of art. Whenever you’re bored or wanting to change things up, make something new! It also comes in Oxide Red and Stone Grey if Forest Green isn’t your color of choice.

Dazzle Peel and Stick Geometric Wallpaper by Bobby Berk for Tempaper
If beige walls have you down… This peel and stick vinyl wallpaper features fragmented shapes that overlap in an energetic pattern of black and white stripes – great for a room filled with neutral furniture. Use it on one wall for a focal point or on all of the walls, and when you’re ready to move on, pull the wallpaper off and start fresh.

Throw in some cozy textiles

Barragan Peach Pillow by Minna Goods
Throw pillows can change the entire look and feel of a sofa or bed through color, pattern, and texture. This pillow and its geometric pattern were inspired by the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragán, who was known for his colorful, geometric buildings, which you can see reflected in the pillow’s handwoven pattern on a peach background.

New Day Throw by DittoHouse
Like pillows, throw blankets add to the look of any space they’re in with their pattern and color palette becoming a functional work of art. Not only do they look good, they feel good and make you feel cozy when it’s time to kick back and relax. This modern throw aims to be a positive beacon of hope with its bold orange sun rising up through an abstract forrest as a reminder of another new day coming.

Add fun accessories

Rhombus Table Trivets by Champ.Co
Like textiles and art, accessories can make or break a space. You don’t want them to overwhelm, but instead, add or enhance the space they’re in. Bonus if they’re useful, these this set of trivets. Made from durable and heat-resistant recycled airplane tires (+ new rubber), these geometric trivets can be used to hold hot pots on the dining table, as coaster by the sofa, or for play, as the set comes with 18 in an array of colors and patterns. If the Desert colorway isn’t for you, there are four others to choose from – Sand, Mixed, Blue, and Stone.

Bring in some lighting

Tatou T – Table Lamp by Patricia Urquiola for Flos
Lighting is the most basic necessity for any room and this table lamp hits the spot with its open geometric patterned shade that playfully filters light. Its name is French for “armadillo,” which inspired Urquiola to mimic the animal’s protective shell by reimagining it like Japanese armor, overlapping like metal buckles.

Incorporate a cool new piece of furniture

Yosegi Japanese-Style Multi-Functional Inlaid Stools by TAMEN
You probably have the basics covered – couch, coffee table, TV – but adding in a few special pieces of furniture can really elevate a simple space. These stools were inspired by Japanese Kumiki (interlocking wood) puzzles with the stools’ legs cut geometrically so they fit together like a fun furniture puzzle. The clever design can be used as two fully-functioning stools that can also be combined together to form a single stool. They also work as side tables – truly multi-functional!

Don’t forget the bathroom

Arco Desert Bath Rug by Quiet Town
Many a bathroom remains basic as they tend to be an afterthought or a room just to fill the necessary functions they provide – but that doesn’t have to be the case! If you’ve been dealt an all-white or beige space, think of all the cool stuff you can do to change that. Bath mats are a necessity in order to prevent slipping on slick floors and also to catch post shower droplets of water. In case you haven’t noticed, most are just plain and furry, and don’t really add anything to the space, so try something different, like this abstract, flat weave style bath rug. Its desert-inspired pattern, and name, pay homage to architect Paolo Soleri’s 1970s Arcosanti “future city” located in Arizona. The Arco Bath Rug comes in three sizes and in two other colorways – Storm and Cloud.

Helix Shower Curtain by Dusen Dusen
You can always count of Dusen Dusen when it comes to geometric prints, like this colorful printed shower curtain in their blue, green, red, and black Helix print. The vibrant design will perfectly take a boring white bathroom and spruce it up to a much happier space.

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