2014 Year in Review: Designer Dailies

We spent the first part of the year following along with a handful of designers as they went about a typical day in their lives. Step back into their shoes as we revisit our Designer Dailies column to see how they spent their time.

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2014 Year in Review: Designer Dailies

A Day in the Life of Psalt Design
We visited Sheffield design house Psalt Design, best known for their incredibly awesome, and possibly nail biting, Bubble Tank.


A Day in the Life of Brian Flynn of Hybrid Design
Want to see how creative Brian Flynn, of Hybrid Design, makes the magic happen? Follow along with his alter ego, a muppet, as he tackles a day in his life.


A Day in the Life of David Weeks
NYC-based lighting and furniture designer David Weeks let us tag along on a snowy day to see how he makes it all happen in this particular Designer Dailies.


A Day in the Life of Cardenio Petrucci
We hit San Francisco to spend the day with Cardenio Petrucci, founder and art director of Dsegnare, to see how he works.


A Day in the Life of Victoria Richter of Jaxon Home
We tag along with Victoria Richter who wears a multitude of hats, including furniture designer, showroom and factory owner, wife, and mom to three children.

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