2015 Year in Review: Deconstruction

Want to find out what’s behind your favorite designs and how they are made? Take a look back at our Deconstruction archives from 2015 below to get the scoop on the design processes on everything from jewelry to rugs to speakers.

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2015 Year in Review: Deconstruction

Designing & Building a Mid-Century Inspired Console
We took a look at how designer/owner C. Sevin Salomone of foureyes designs and builds this customizable wooden console.


Breaking Down Thos. Moser’s Cumberland Chair
We looked into the design and creation of Thos. Moser’s Cumberland Chair, designed by Adam Rogers, a chair of simple form but beautiful craftsmanship.

Photo by Petr Krejci Photography

Photo by Petr Krejci Photography

How to Create Shoes Inspired by a Comet Landing
Take a look at the process that was involved in creating a pair of high heel shoes that look like rocks, or meteorites, that have fallen from space.


The Making of Iittala’s Hand Blown Ruutu Vases
We get a look at the skills required to produce each vibrant Ruutu vase, designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Iittala.


BASE: Designing a Collection of Desk Accessories
We talked to San Francisco-based design duo BASE for insight into how they created such a smart set of modern, minimalist office objects.


The Making of a Scandinavian-Inspired Wood and Leather Chair
Alfredo Zertuche’s modern SLW Chair blends old Danish carpentry and furniture design ideas with traditional Mexican saddlery methods.


Loloi Rugs: The Beautiful Art of Rug Making
Follow along as we peeked into Loloi’s rug-making process that involves time-tested techniques handed down by generations of artisans.


An In-Depth Look at How the Riviera Tray is Made
Travis James, of MAY Furniture Co. took us through the process of how a minimalist, modern wooden tray was made.


How Wood Shavings Become Environmentally-Friendly Acoustic Panels
BAUX shared how they make their environmentally-friendly acoustic wall tiles and panels, which are good for sound absorption and geometric wall patterns.


How twenty2’s Vikingr 3D Wallpaper Was Designed
At this year’s ICFF, we spotted twenty2’s 3D wallpaper, which piqued our curiosity into how the they came about so we go inside to see the design process.

Photo by Maria del Rio

Photo by Maria del Rio

The Making of the Mini Inflecto Necklace by Colleen Mauer Designs
Take a look as Colleen Mauer Designs walked us through the steps of making her new, handmade Black & Gold mini inflect necklace.

Photo courtesy of Laufen

Photo courtesy of Laufen

The Making of Laufen’s VAL Bathroom Collection by Konstantin Grcic
LAUFEN and Konstantin Grcic gave us insight into how the modern VAL bathroom collection takes shape, in this month’s Deconstruction.


Towering Simplicity: Joey Roth’s Steel Speaker
Designer Joey Roth’s newest audio speaker is complicated technology hidden within a simple iconic design.

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