2019 Gift Guide: Health and Beauty

With so much going on during the holidays, it can be hard to remember to pause, slow down, and focus on yourself instead of everyone else. Don’t let the holidays run you or your loved ones ragged. With this gift guide, we’re hoping these items will help your gift recipients (and you!) relax, rejuvenate, and reset the mind, body, and mood before it’s time to ring in the new year.

Unwind Set by Modern Sprout \\\ $50
Help a friend unwind with this curated collection of garden-inspired aromatherapy tools. The set includes a sleep mask, pillow spray, candle, and lavender grow kit to help you catch those zzz’s at the end of the night.

Mini Fluorite Pyramid by Chaparral Studio \\\ $24
Fluorite is a stone that’s believed to have the ability to neutralize negative energy, so if you know someone who hasn’t been going through an easy time, this is a small but powerful gift. If you’re dubious of the power of a tiny talisman, the shape of the stone also makes a great ring holder.

Lucite Incense Holders by Poketo \\\ $28
There’s something about the ritual of lighting incense and setting the mood of your home that just feels nice while you’re doing it. Find balance or get grounded with this set of lucite incense holders to bring some zen into your space. We’d pair them with one of Yield Design Co’s incense sticks for a unique gift that friends will remember you for.

Soap by Seem Soap \\\ approximately $15
Soap is actually a pretty common gift to give these days because companies are packaging them beautifully and in scents that make you want to get your hands dirty, just to make an excuse to use it. We love the look of these gemstone-like soap bars by France-based Seem Soap. You might need to do a quick Google search to find out where you can readily order it if you’re not in France but we think it’s worth the effort and your gift recipient will appreciate it too!

Weekender Kit and Hat by Kinfield \\\ $55 and $28
Being outdoors is an instant mood-booster and with this kit, you can be outdoors all day long. It comes with a DEET-free repellent to ward off pesky bugs, a cooling aloe mist to soothe hot and bothered skin, and a waterbalm moisturizer to hydrate face and body. While you’re at it, throw in this fun Out of Office cap to help someone keep the sun out of their eyes.

Eye Pillow by Bodha \\\ $38
What is this, a pillow for your eyes?! Well… yes, exactly. With this eye pillow, you can harness the power of acupressure and aromatherapy to release facial tension while relaxing the mind. Adding this to a nighttime routine might help in getting restorative sleep, which we all could use more of.

The Flight by Feals \\\ $20
The benefits of CBD are still being studied but it’s reported to aide in a variety of stressors, including acne, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and more. However, the world of CBD can be overwhelming with so many products coming onto the market. This flight of tinctures is a friendly starter kit to help one figure out the ideal Feals dosage before ordering a full size.

The Eucalyptus Body Essentials by Nécessaire \\\ $60
Sometimes the shower is the only time one gets the peace, quiet, and time needed to take care of oneself, so why not make it worthwhile? Nécessaire is already growing a cult following for their minimalist packaging but what you don’t know from your screen is just how rejuvenating this eucalyptus scent is. It will make your loved one feel like they’re at a five-star spa with each use.

Giftcard from Heyday \\\ any amount!
Speaking of the spa, why not treat someone you love (a friend, a family member, yourself…) to a day at one? Heyday has multiple locations in New York, LA, or Philly, to drop in and get a personalized facial to rejuvenate the skin. The company only uses products and brands they’ve vetted themselves, like Grown Alchemist, Herbivore Botanicals, Supergoop, and more so you can relax knowing you’re really spoiling your loved one with premium skincare. Not based in any of those cities? You can also shop the exact products they use.

Oribe x Block Shop Textiles \\\ starting at $25
Oribe recently collaborated with one of our favorites, Block Shop Textiles, to create six limited-edition holiday sets of haircare. Block Shop co-created four original works of art for the holiday packaging and, make no mistake, this is not your average holiday packaging. The artwork was done using traditional Indian block printing methods by master craftspeople in India, who used carved wooden blocks and natural dyes on paper handmade from cotton rag for a truly bespoke set of artwork. It’s quite the story to tell your giftee when they open up their present!

Hands-Free Bottle by Closca \\\ $45
And finally, per usual, this is our yearly reminder for everyone to drink more water as it’s the most basic rule in taking care of oneself. We get that sometimes lugging around a water bottle is cumbersome which is why we love this hands-free bottle. It’s designed with a strap so that it can wrap around a bag, backpack, fanny pack, bike, scooter, anything! Wherever they go, the bottle can go with them, too.

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