2019 Gift Guide: Under $50

We believe cool, modern design should be accessible and if you know where to look, you can find lots of great gift ideas for under $50. Don’t believe us? Check out this gift guide for some of our favorite picks and then head to our Design Milk Shop to find even more budget-friendly gifts for all the people in your life.

René Planter by Boyce Studio \\\ $32
If you know someone who loves plants or, just the opposite, is prone to killing even the most hardy succulents, this handmade wooden planter paired with an air plant would be a thoughtful gift.

2020 Wall Art Calendar by Poketo \\\ $28
Help someone get a head start on the new year with a new calendar! This one by our friends at Poketo boasts of punchy graphics to add some fun and color to blank walls.

De Nîmes Candle by Boy Smells \\\ $34
Los Angeles-based Boy Smells makes some of the most unique scents that smell luxurious and look it too. If you have a nose for fragrances, you can almost immediately tell when a Boy Smell candle is burning somewhere because the brand has such a way with mixing different notes and scents. This one smells like almond, rhubarb, violet, ambergris, blueberry, and juniper – a fruity concoction that’s complex yet not overly heady.

Ace Stacking Silver Ring by Rahya Jewelry Design \\\ $46
This minimal stacking ring was a hit when we shared it over on @designmilkeveryday. It features a tiny white cubic zirconia for a subtle sparkle and a special detail that only you will know about.

Negative Rocks Mugs by Recreation Center \\\ $46
How lovely would it be to receive these mugs along with a fresh bag of coffee beans or your favorite tea brew? It’s one of those gifts that is universally loved by everyone who enjoys a warm beverage during cold weather.

Rare Crystal Decanter by Puik Design B.V. \\\ $39
Or maybe you know someone who’s a self-professed sommelier? This contemporary carafe can sit tall or on its side and creates a seriously Instagrammable photo with its international interplay of glass, liquid, and light. Paired with a great bottle of vino, it makes for a gift a true oenophile would appreciate.

The Mini by Away \\\ $45
There’s something so novel about Away’s tiniest suitcase that makes you *have* to get it. It sells out every year so don’t wait to get your hands on one! Sized to stow away your toiletries, it makes a fun yet functional gift for the friend who’s always jet-setting the globe.

Succulent Planter by Ohio Workshop \\\ $35
This one is for the plant- and architecture-lover in your life. It’s literally a perfect home for a plant.

Tableware by Kalon Studios \\\ starting at $50
If you’re looking for a gift with a story, Kalon recently launched their tableware collection of plates, bowls, cups, and serving vessels. Each one is made from sustainably harvested maple wood by specialized craftspeople to highlight the beauty and unique character of the wood grain. For the friend who always seems to have the most unique, bespoke objects in their home, any piece would be a fine addition to their collection.

Nothing Fancy by Alison Roman \\\ $33
You might have seen this book make its way through the blogosphere, Instagram, and cooking clubs lately. A welcome reprieve from fancy (re: stuffy) cookbooks, this one emphasizes a relaxed attitude towards hosting and serves up recipes that are interesting but manageable; basically everything you want your menu to be when having friends and family over.

Gift Card from the Design Milk Shop \\\ $50
And if you still haven’t found the right gift with our gift guides, there’s one universal gift that is well-liked by friends, family, colleagues, and kids alike: the gift card. Instead of torturing yourself trying to find the perfect gift, let your recipient pick out something for themselves from our shop. From bags and jewelry to pet accessories and home decor, we’re sure that they’ll find something they didn’t even know they wanted.

As the Senior Contributing Editor, Vy Yang is obsessed with discovering ways to live well + with intention through design. She's probably sharing what she finds over on Instagram stories. You can also find her at