2020 Gift Guide: Modern Art

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2020 Gift Guide: Modern Art

We all know people that love art and oftentimes it’s at the bottom of the list of priorities for people when it comes around to spending money. But art makes people happy when they get to surround themselves with something unique, especially when it’s been carefully selected for them. Take a look below to see ten great options for giving the gift of modern art, from prints to sculptures to modular magnetic art.

Balance Set of 3 Prints by Tom Pigeon \\\ $257
Do you know someone with a big blank wall? This triptych of screen prints would fill it nicely with its interconnecting geometric shapes that jump off the paper in blush pink, forest green, rust and deep navy plus brass foil. Each print is hand-pulled using water-based inks and traditionally foiled making them that much more special.

Siesta Print by Carley Rudd \\\ from $60
In España, naps are part of their culture, and that’s pretty beautiful (and enviable). This dream-like Siesta image, which was taken in Mallorca, Spain, features soft afternoon shadows from an olive tree with lovely pops of color that’s perfect for any space. The print is available in six sizes, from 8 x 10″ to 30 x 40″, and framed or unframed.

Modular Art Piece by Bend Goods (2 pieces) \\\ from $75
If you know someone who likes things a bit bolder, check out these Modular Art Pieces, which come in two styles and five colors. The wire pieces put the creativity into the recipient’s hands allowing them to customize their own work of modern wall art.

Dubai Print by Malene Barnett \\\ from $55
This beautiful black, gold and white print is by artist + activist Malene Barnett, who also founded The Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG), an incredible platform that represents a collective of independent Black artists, makers and designers across multiple disciplines. If you can’t afford one of her ceramic pieces or an original painting, I highly suggest checking out her trio of prints (Dubai is one of the three) as the patterns and warm color palette used are stunning.

Stone Grey Magnetic Art Play Box Set by TOO Designs \\\ $210
Another gift that gives your recipient free rein to tap into their creative side, this box set provides endless hours of artistic fun with ten, black and white geometric shaped magnets that can be arranged and rearranged on the steel powder coated canvas. So if you know anyone that likes to change things up, this is the perfect option!

Who Are You Framed Print by Shantell Martin \\\ $250
Once you learn of Shantell Martin’s work, her signature black and white style will stay with you always. The meditative lines tell stories, just like this print with the words WHO ARE YOU. Shantell used to live with those words on the back of her bedroom door making her think about what she wanted to achieve that day and maybe those same words will inspire someone in your life that you love.

Mint Fresh Print by B + R Studio \\\ from $100
For the abstract art lover, this herb-inspired print features overlapping shapes and subtle gradation values that result in a fresh, bold design. It’s available in several sizes that are printed on weighted, matte acid-free paper.

Speckled Infinity Knot by Virginia Sin \\\ $70
This handmade sculpture can be used as a unique paperweight or simply as an art object to dress up a coffee table or bookshelf. The choice is theirs, but either way this infinity knot is going to be a forever favorite.

Blackberry Creek Ceramic Sculpture by Angel Oloshove \\\ $1150
Houston, Texas based Angel Oloshove makes these ethereal ceramic orbs topped with atomized glazes in gorgeous colors that bleed from one to the next. This particular piece was inspired by her childhood growing up on a farm where overgrown blackberry bushes took over the banks of the creek on her family’s land. Perfect for any art lover that leans toward unique pieces that make a statement and come complete with a sweet story behind it.

Sorbet Moon Print by Buhlaixe Studio \\\ $40
Coming in at a compact 11 x 11″, this charming print references desert landscapes in Phoenix, Arizona, where the artist lives. The design has a slight 80s feel with simplified forms shown in an earthy and cool tone colorway. Overall, it projects bold visual appeal that most anyone would appreciate owning.

If you’re still undecided or haven’t found the right gift, there’s one universal gift that is well-liked by friends, family, colleagues, and kids alike: the Design Milk gift card. Let your recipient pick out something for themselves from our shop. We’re sure that they’ll find something they didn’t even know they wanted.

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Caroline Williamson is Editorial Director of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.