Susanna Cots Creates a Connected Home With Few Walls or Doors

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Susanna Cots Creates a Connected Home With Few Walls or Doors

Barcelona-based interior designer Susanna Cots always has a way of utilizing white throughout her spaces without them ever feeling cold or stark. Such is the case with Autumn in the North, Cots’ latest residential project in Navarra, Spain. The modern residence pairs white surfaces with wooden accents within a connected space that does away with walls and doors. In total, the home only has three doors, a far cry from typical houses these days.

interior shot of light, white and wood modern home with view under stairs

A raised platform becomes the perfect reading nook for the children of the house.

interior shot of modern home's dining room with light wood table

Both the kitchen and the semi-open staircase mark the center of the home, and while they are defined by dividers, they’re not closed off by walls.

interior shot of modern home between dining room and kitchen

interior shot of modern home's kitchen with white cabinets, black island, and wood back wall

A massive skylight in the kitchen brings morning and midday light. A black central island underneath is flanked by minimal white cabinets with embedded wood shelves that complement the floor-to-ceiling wood wall in the back.

modern kitchen interior with black island countertop and white and wood cabinets

modern kitchen interior end view looking down hall

modern interior shot of living room seating area

modern interior shot looking at staircase in middle with two seating areas to the sides

Black rimmed windows frame the surrounding green landscape from every angle. No matter where one stands, there’s always a window within view.

modern living room

A curated selection of furniture and accessories offer comfortable, usable rooms without being overdone.

modern living room interior looking to kitchen

modern home interior looking down hallway

Built in white cabinets section off areas for storage and a long, custom desk which has privacy but also remains connected to the rest of the space.

modern home interior looking down hallway

modern home interior with built-in desk

modern bedroom with sliding wood door opening up to another room

modern bedroom with sliding wood door

Sliding wood panels offer privacy when needed in the bedrooms or can remain open for extra space.

looking into modern bedroom

modern bedroom from the side looking towards window

modern bedroom view of side of bed looking to hallway

A white door at the top of the stairs slides to close off the primary bedroom or to block off the adjoining bathroom.

long hallway view of modern home

modern minimal white bathroom shower

exterior view of modern pool with green trees surrounding it

evening view of modern house with pool in front

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