A Barcelona Penthouse Grounded in Natural Light and Black Accents

07.20.17 | By
A Barcelona Penthouse Grounded in Natural Light and Black Accents

This Barcelona penthouse began much too dark with a layout that wasn’t conducive to a social family’s lifestyle. Interior architect Susanna Cots redesigned the interior by first focusing on incorporating more natural light by installing large windows by the patio and towards the street. Those steps immediately transformed the space with a fresh new appeal.

Throughout the interior, white walls and ceilings are paired with light wood floors and black accents to create a harmonious contrast. Floor to ceiling sliding glass doors open the living area to the terrace, expanding the living space.

One way the layout was opened up was by creating framed glass walls that help separate the spaces while allowing light to pass through.

The incredible kitchen is partially housed within a sliding glass doors that open it up to the living area or close it off for a cozier feel. Behind the sink, the walls are covered in a dark grey microcement which adds texture to the modern space.

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