A Helsinki Office Radiates Cozy Warmth With Nordic Elegance

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A Helsinki Office Radiates Cozy Warmth With Nordic Elegance

When you’re in the business of hospitality – that is, making others feel at home when they’re far from it – you need a workspace that mirrors the kind of atmosphere you want to create for your guests. For Helsinki-based property development company Berg & Ridge, it distinguishes itself from other brands by creating beautiful, unique environments for hospitality and recreation that foster overall well-being. The company tapped on architecture and interiors practice Fyra Design Agency to design a workplace reflecting that ethos and the results make us want to check in permanently.

two white upholstered chair next to a wooden coffee table and potted tree

two white chair next to a wooden coffee table and two potted fern

The office is located in an art nouveau building, so Fyra prioritized designing the interiors to pay homage to the historic architecture. The studio integrated recycled furniture and textiles to be as eco-friendly as possible while also employing Finnish carpenters to create bespoke pieces. In an effort to embrace biophilia, potted ferns and trees are peppered through the space like a real home.

brown sofa next to two white upholstered chairs

wooden coffee table surrounded by four wooden chairs

room with long conference table and doors opened

long conference table under two paper pendant lights

A curated selection of elegant fixtures illuminate the space, creating a soft warmth typically unfound in offices that implement fluorescent lighting. A long streamlined conference table for meetings and collaboration looks more like a cozy dining table when lit only by a minimalist table lamp.

long conference table under a paper pendant light

person walking past a row of workstations

Curtains cleverly conceal samples and other office materials while providing an undulating backdrop to minimize visual clutter.

woman next to white drawers behind curtains

workstations with desktop and laptop on the table

Graphic cushions and lumbar pillows offer a casual seat for a change of environment.

wood table with wood chairs and white stool

round table surrounded by brown chairs under a paper pendant

The themes of wood furniture, paper pendants, and beige drapery are repeated in a smaller conference room.

white table lamp and console next to round table and brown chairs

Photos by Riikka Kantinkoski.

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