Experimental Gastronomy – Uniting World-Renowned Chefs and Artists

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Experimental Gastronomy – Uniting World-Renowned Chefs and Artists

As we are currently sandwiched between two of the biggest food gathering holidays … this month we are revisiting the Steinbeisser collective’s inventive twist on tableware and how we eat together.

We first wrote about them in 2016 when they launched their online store Jouw. We focused on their reinvention of everyday eating utensils. We specifically fell in love with their collaborator, artist Maki Okamoto’s clever sculptural approach to flatware. By transforming forks and spoons into over-the-top bespoke utensils. It’s somewhere between art and a functional object.

However this time around, we would like to dive deeper into the implementation of the collaborations. Steinbeisser’s Experimental Gastronomy dinners curate and unite world-renowned chefs and artists. These infamous groundbreaking dinners started in Amsterdam… but have since made their way through Europe, and even California.

Salty apple sorbet and topinambour cookie by Simon Apotheloz served on a cushion plate by Aino Nebel

The dinners showcase contemporary cuisine at the highest level, uniting design, gastronomy, and nature. The artists create cutlery and dishware that celebrate experimentation and the search for new ways to enjoy food. Food and drinks are entirely plant-based and sourced from local organic and biodynamic producers. Thus creating memorable confounding moments around the dinner table by bringing chefs in contact with artists and pushing everyone out of their comfort zone.

They are currently planning their first Experimental Gastronomy dinner in New York… FINALLY! It will take place at 99 Scott in May of 2019 and will feature 4 of the best female chefs from the US. The line up: Dominique Crenn, Elise Kornack, Emma Bengtsson and Niki Nakayama.

Muscat squash, spruce shoots emulsion, pickled spruce shoots, squash tagliatelle, spruce shoots pulver, squash puree by Fabian Raffeiner served on a burnt wood bowl by Othmar Prenner with a bell spoon by Stian Korntved Ruud

We can’t help see the similarities to our craft of combining design and culinary forces. However, their unique approach of a revolving door of collaborators is very inspiring and remarkable. Oh to be a fly on the wall… or better yet, a collaborator!

Huron wheat, sprouted, backed and porridge of curly kale, black palm kale, pointed cabbage, Chinese cabbage, brussels sprout, red cabbage, black cabbage, white cabbage by Simon Apotheloz served on a leaves plate by Aino Nebel

Beet sorbet, dehydrated beet cubes, oat milk reduction, crispy oats, oat cookie, beet cream served in an wax egg bowl by Atelier Volvox

Radishes served on a spiral plate by Aino Nebel

Strawberry, pear, lovage and last years parsnip served on a ‘Pillow’ plate by Aino Nebel. Photography by Fabian Häfeli.

TJ Girard is a sought-after food designer and creative consultant, celebrated for staging theatrical, interactive food + beverage experiences. She now resides in California where her creativity is solar powered! TJ writes the Design Milk column called Taste.