A Minimalist Montreal Loft Renovation by Future Simple Studio

05.13.21 | By
A Minimalist Montreal Loft Renovation by Future Simple Studio

Montreal Loft Renovation is a minimal home located in Montreal, Canada, designed by Future Simple Studio. The loft within the hundred year-old heritage building was redesigned to accommodate family living while celebrating the building’s industrial origins.

The resulting design is guided by a simple yet elegant concept: a box within a box. Two adjacent glazed volumes function as bedrooms, thoughtfully arranged within an open floor plan layout with the kitchen, living area, dining, study and reading areas fluidly bordering the periphery.

The volumes are outfitted with automated blinds to provide privacy when needed, playfully creating a dreamlike atmosphere that evolves with the changing light and shadows throughout the day. Bespoke built-ins and furniture were custom made by the studio, maximizing space while integrating with the original character of the building.

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