A Name Change Leads to a New Brand Identity and New Offices

11.28.18 | By
A Name Change Leads to a New Brand Identity and New Offices

When GGE, a company located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, decided to change their name to Resalta, they wanted more than just a new name. They wanted to better reflect the company’s growth by undergoing a rebranding and upgrading their workspaces so they hired Kragelj Workplace + Design to make it happen. Their old offices were broken up to previously accommodate a few smaller businesses making it a struggle for Resalta to function at top performance. To create the new office, walls were removed as were smaller offices to join the entire space together and allow employees to communicate better.

Once the connection was made, they designed a new conference room, kitchen, and lobby area. They got rid of doors and walls and installed glass partitions instead which adds some division without cutting out sight lines. Then they created common spaces for employees to gather and work together, as well as individual spots for people to work solo.

The new space has a clean, fresh look with a color palette that matches the brand – dark blues, greens, and blacks. White walls keep things bright while greenery helps liven it up through nature.

Photos by Janez Marolt.

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