AIAIAI x Ghostly Edition TMA-1 Headphones Are Hauntingly Good

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AIAIAI x Ghostly Edition TMA-1 Headphones Are Hauntingly Good

Music and arts label, Ghostly, has been killing it lately with a variety of collaboration and gift ideas connecting the dots of design, fashion, art, and even food. There’s this set for coffee lovers or this bundle for design nerds. But if you’ve got a little extra coin and want to give someone – or yourself – something special in the audio department, the AIAIAI x Ghostly Edition TMA-1 Headphones are a pretty fresh update to the Danish DJ signature headphone.


I’ve been listening to an assortment of music over the last several days with the TMA-1 headphones and what was immediately evident was how proficient the plush Moroccan leather on-ear cushions are at isolating ears from intruding ambient sounds. The haunting ambient tonal waves of artist Karl Verkade can be a little too subtle to discern fully with other cans, but with the TMA-1’s cushions, I was enveloped in the music even with the loud sounds of LA city life outside my windows without the aid of active noise cancellation.

Switching over to the more beats-oriented tunes of Constrobuz’s Beats Volume 7, the blacked out cans proved adept at bringing out the nuances of the lowest of the low end with head-bobbing results, the result of specific tweaks Ghostly engineered to take advantage of their catalog of thinking man’s dance music, with eardrum-tiring high frequencies dialed back. If your music catalog leans more toward the low-end spectrum and your taste in design falls under “minimalistic”, these Ghostly tweaked TMA-1s were designed for you.

Designed for DJs, these headphones are designed for long listening sessions where cupping them on and off ears is made as easy as possible.

You might invite envious stares from those in the know when they recognize the embossed Ghostly International’s ghost logo, distinguishing these limited edition headphones from the regular TMA-1.


More about the TMA-1 Headphone Ghostly Edition at AIAIAI and Ghostly.

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