Amsterdam Apartment by i29 interior architects

Amsterdam Apartment is a minimalist home located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, designed by i29 interior architects. The loft was a former rental apartment that was transformed into a fresh and spacious loft. The focus was to increase the amount of natural light entering the space while simultaneously creating a spatial experience.

The designers formed a consistent material scheme by combining large oak wall panels, white plastered walls, light grey synthetic floors, and dark blue furniture to accent. In order to maximize space, the designers integrated a custom-built cabinet that would serve to organize the living, kitchen, and dining spaces.

In addition, the cabinets serve several functional purposes including storage space, television cabinet, and a custom designed kitchen setup. The space is divided via a large contrasting black kitchen island coupled with a high table.

Leo Lei translates his passion for minimalism into his daily-updated blog Leibal. In addition, you can find uniquely designed minimalist objects and furniture at the Leibal Store.