At “Industrial One Of,” Machines Leave Their Individual Mark on Pottery

01.21.20 | By
At “Industrial One Of,” Machines Leave Their Individual Mark on Pottery

Straddling the world of hand crafts and the allures of technical production, Israeli industrial designer Ofri Lifshitz created her own middle ground: an anthropomorphized machine that’s capable of creating unique marks on the pottery produced.

The machine is a spin off the traditional ceramic jigger: the ceramic jigger blade is replaced with a string and is used to carve and shape the upper surface of the clay. The jigger moves with a dynamic and inconsistent pattern so as to derive various one-of-a-kind, imperfect shapes that look like they were formed in the hands of artisans.

The machine is also programmed such that it leaves a different mark each time, the same way a potter leaves his handprint on his ceramics.

Keshia grew up in Singapore and moved to the U.S. to attend Dartmouth College. When she was living abroad after graduation, a chance enrollment at the Architectural Association Visiting School led to her becoming enamored with door schedules and architectural écriture. She's particularly interested in design for aging, rural architecture, and Asian design heritage.