Atra Presents Earth Year 2100 at Design Miami/ 2021

At one time it was nearly impossible to imagine the world in the year 2000. With that landmark more than 20 years in our past, Mexico City-based furniture brand Atra is looking towards the next in Earth Year 2100. A point in time that’s not that far in the future, when our way of living will have evolved further. Atra imagines that we will no longer need to work to survive, thanks to technological advances that have taken over our current mundane tasks. This event will free us up to be focused entirely on the advancement and growth of the human race. Atra’s founder and creative director, Alexander Diaz Andersson, brought the vision of this future home to life for Design Miami/ 2021.

lounge-like space with large lounge chairs

Earth Year 2100 is an ambulatory structure that’s not limited by geography. The futuristic space is warm and welcoming, looking out over ever-changing landscapes via the simulation panel windows. This shelter creates a sense of open space that leaves inhabitants feeling protected from nature.

Select pieces of furniture will house biohacking technology developed to put the user into a deep, meditative state. Atra, together with start-up Resonate, developed a limited edition meditation lounge chair to create this state that’s usually only achieved after years of practice. The technology Resonate brings to the partnership allows Atra’s furniture designs to go above their original purpose. For Design Miami/, the brands designed another limited edition – 25 chairs mixing high end materials with technology – that was also part of Earth Year 2100.

lounge space with large seating and colorful mural

Atra’s new editions of chairs, sofas, side tables, coffee table, and desk are ergonomic and luxurious, using fabrics by Elitis and Sandra Jordan and Emerald Quartzite. The comfortable, versatile pieces of the collection all work well to create a statement, but also mix with mid-century and post modern furniture. All of Atra’s modern, futuristic furniture designs are inspired by the future, designed for the present and many years to come.

lounge space with large seating and colorful mural

lounge space with large seating and colorful mural

lounge space with large seating and colorful mural

desk and armchair

statue on desk

large stuffed armchair

Egge Chair

large overstuffed chair

Margot Chair

large overstuffed chair

Resonte Elitis

large overstuffed sofa

Margot Sofa

two armchairs

Simplon Chair

dining table

ARO Dining Table

two side tables

Geometrik Side Tables

marble table

Origami Table

cocktail tables

Symbol Tables

side table

Trillith Side Table


S3 Desk

monolithic statue


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