Baking Cart by Mjolk and Studio Junction
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Baking Cart is a minimalist design created by Toronto-based firms Mjolk and Studio Junction. Although the tradition of high tea in the afternoon may have been lost throughout the decades, the designers felt a mobile cart still had a place in the contemporary family home. The cart acts as an extension of the kitchen, and shuttles everything from tea, desserts, and alcohol to guests.


The designers wanted to create an object that would be inconspicuous when tucked away, but impactful when put into use. The top is removable in order to better accommodate the transferring and serving of food and drinks, and also provides a thoughtful presentation. The cart also serves as a convenient kitchen helper to shuttle around important supplies and equipment such as pots, mixing bowls, and even books.

The design is constructed in solid white oak, and is completely handmade in Toronto. I love that the design is multi-functional, and has an aesthetically neutral appearance that would allow it adapt to almost any environment. The design is stripped down to its bare essentials without sacrificing any of its utility. When not in use, the cart can also serve as a shelving/storage unit.




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