Bark Out Loud: The Great Doggy Divide
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Last week I thoroughly enjoyed flipping through this slide show of pet photos featured in the science section of The New York Times. The topic question posed was “A Family’s Best Friend?” and it featured a series of anecdotes about how a family pet has either come between or won over challenging family members. Smiling and laughing at each caption, I was reminded of when Miles fist came into my life and the rift it caused between my fiance and I. Not only was my fiance completely opposed to owning a small dog, he resented the time and attention baby Miles required. Not to mention my need to take Miles everywhere. But after time, Miles’ love, affection, and adorable underbite won him over. Now (as evident by the photo above), they are best buddies and we are one happy little family.

So now I’m dying to know: Did any of you have to overcome the great doggy divide with your family members? Or maybe you were the one that was won over? Either way, we’d love to hear your stories.