Search and Paperchase Launch the First 3D Printed Stationery Collection

01.21.19 | By and Paperchase Launch the First 3D Printed Stationery Collection is a London-based startup that recently partnered with international stationery house Paperchase to create a 3D printed collection of biodegradable stationery, including pen cups, ballpoint pens, and giant paperclips. The designs are made with bioplastic (PLA plastic that’s made from sugar cane) using FDM, or Fused Deposition Modeling, to melt plastic filament at high temperatures in order to build layers. It was important to the company to make everything biodegradable with the desire to bring together 3D printing and sustainability. 3D printed 30,000 pieces over a two month span and to break it down, every pen pot took approximately 20 minutes to make and each paperclip about two minutes! The entire collection is a part of Paperchase’s Conscious Living

3D printing has been used for prototypes, engineered parts and high end objects for decades. At we revolutionised slow, rigid and costly traditional manufacturing methods with a radically more efficient 3D printing process. Bringing 3D printed products to your local shop and the hands of people” says Julien. “These are the first steps towards a new way of making things sustainable.

–From Julien Vaissieres, Founder of

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