Best Home Furnishings Posts of 2013

Our Home Furnishings posts run the gamut, from practical storage pieces to seating built for technology, and everything in between. We try to give you a little bit of everything throughout the year, so sit back and enjoy the top 10 Home Furnishings posts from 2013:

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Best Home Furnishings Posts of 2013

10. Squaring Movable Bookshelf by Sehoon Lee
At first glance this bookshelf might look like a bunch of square boxes, but the hinged squares flex and move around each other to form different shapes.

9. Upgrade Your IKEA with Superfront
This company creates special cabinet fronts, handles, and legs that you can use on your IKEA furniture to give it a more customized look.

8. MyWorld by Philippe Starck for Cassina
Design genius Philippe Starck created a lounge system that’s not only built for comfort, it’s designed to accommodate your technology gear as well, so you can always stay connected.

7. A Perfectly Balanced Table Made of Steel
An impressively built table made from a thousand pounds of rolled steel that can actually support a human being on it without it falling over.

6. Customizable Multifunctional Bookshelf: Fusillo
It’s not just your average wall shelf. It’s a shelf, a coatrack, a bike rack, and it acts as bookends too.

5. Cacoon Hanging Chair
For indoors or out, this suspended chair creates a private retreat for a solo nap or a place to relax for two.

4. Self-Cleaning Fish Tank Garden by Back To The Roots
This self-cleaning fish tank has space for five pots on top for growing herbs or plants. The fish waste naturally fertilizes the plants above so all you have to do is feed the fish!

3. Qwerty Sofa by ZO_loft
If you’re looking for a cure for your interior decor depression, try a design from ZO_loft (get it?), like their kitschy sofa that mimics a qwerty keyboard.

2. Piamo: An Espresso Maker for the Microwave
Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid having to make a trip to your local coffee shop or having to purchase an expensive espresso machine? Now there’s Piamo, a compact espresso maker that delivers a hot cup after 30 seconds in the microwave.

And your most favorite Home Furnishings post of 2013 was…

1. Fruit-Wall: A Smart Way to Store Your Fruits & Veggies
It’s no wonder the Fruit-Wall was your favorite post in Home Furnishings. It’s practical and smart and looks like an ever-changing piece of wall art in your kitchen.

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