Best of the Best! Top 10 Posts of 2023

And just like that, we’re at the end of another year and sharing the very last post until 2024. To mark the occasion, we’re showcasing the best of the best of 2023 coverage, from small electric trucks to teardrop campers, tiny homes to elegant keyboards. Before the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, let’s go back and revisit the 10 most popular posts from all of 2023!

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Best of the Best! Top 10 Posts of 2023

10. TELO is a Tiny Electric Truck With Big Load Capacity and 350-Miles Range

TELO, a new electric truck that was announced as the antithesis of the modern truck, a small but capable EV pickup designed for urbanites who want all of the perks of a truck with a fraction of the parking space footprint. Dubbed the “world’s most efficient EV pickup,” the TELO is still available for pre-order with a $49,999 base price, which seems pretty reasonable for the design-forward model.

angled up close view of shiny blue box like container of battery storage

9. Lunar’s Modular Design Sets Out to Simplify and Streamline Home Energy Storage

If you’ve ever researched residential energy storage systems, you’ll notice most battery systems should be hidden away from view. Because nothing says eyesore more than big blocks of batteries with visible cables and wires needed to connect the system to the energy pathways of your home. Luckily, Lunar Energy’s Head of Design Matt Jones set out to find a way to balance functionality and aesthetics in a category within residential that typically leans towards the former.

interior view of a small open living space with a built-in sofa and Murphy bed closed on the wall

8. A Cozy Studio Apartment in Ukraine With a Murphy Bed

This standout, 430-square-foot apartment in Rivne, Ukraine was designed by TAK office to make the most of its compact space. The main room operates as the kitchen, dining space, living room, and bedroom complete with a Murphy bed that hides in the wall when not in use. When it’s bedtime, the bed comes down and a curtain closes around it to create a private bedroom. The clever design proves bigger isn’t always better.

exterior view of the end of a rectangular tiny home design

7. A Mini House That Feels Large When Surrounded by Nature

Even in its concept phase, this 484-square-foot tiny home is a design that everyone seems to gravitate towards. The rectangular structure, which “lives” in an idyllic location surrounded by mountains, has floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the views while creating an open and light-filled interior. The inside boasts an open living space that’s cleverly designed to feel modern yet cozy with outdoor views from most angles, helping to connect the home with its location.

a modern teardrop shaped camper in gray and blue at an angle in the forest

6. Introducing the MINK-E: The Future of Camping is Electric!

Those looking for new outdoor adventures got a worthy new competitor in the camper genre this year, thanks to Icelandic brand Mink Campers. They raised the bar with their latest creation, the MINK-E, a teardrop camper that isn’t just another camper – it’s the world’s first fully electric, towable teardrop camper. It makes non-camping people want to embark on an outdoor adventure within its sustainable, eco-friendly, and comfortable camper.

Boulder EV Teardrop Camper parked in outdoor setting towed by Tesla

5. The Boulder Teardrop Camper Is an EV Supercharger on Wheels

Another super cool electric teardrop camper entered the market this year – this time from Colorado Teardrops. The Boulder camper, which looks like it could have come off the Tesla assembly line, was designed to complement said company’s popular EV with it’s gull-wing doors and aerodynamic wheels. Packed with a 75 kWh bank of EV batteries, this camper will take travelers far without needing to stop at charging stations along the way.

fanned array of colorful handheld pocket gaming devices

4. Analogue’s 8 Retro-Colored Pocket Handhelds Are Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Those that appreciate nostalgia when it comes to gaming clearly loved Analogue’s latest drop, a Game Boy Advance inspired device available in eight new hues. The Classic Limited Edition Pockets are tricked out Game Boys that plays everyone’s favorite retro game titles at 10x the resolution as the original. To top it off, this gaming machine is compatible with more than 2,780 Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance titles, as well as Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and Atari Lynx games with optional adapters. Whatever color selected, the user will have endless hours of gaming pleasure in their future.

Close up rear view of geistmaschine mechanical keyboard showing the USB-C port and bronze detailing

3. Geistmaschine ASP Series Keyboards Are Ambitiously Elegant

Proving again that everyone loves interesting keyboards, the Geistmaschine ASP series lands in the Top 3 with it’s elegant exterior that’s embellished with polished steel, copper, or rose gold. Built with a modular customization system, the full-size keyboard is outfitted with ferritic stainless steel bands that allow the magnetic attachment of accessories as one sees fit. The monolithic shape can even be elevated by an accessory to 6.5 degrees to make typing more comfortable. So, if you’re looking for a keyboard that can be customized to your liking, that also looks like an aesthete’s dream, this may be for you.

shot of a person's mid-body turned sideways holding a large overized red tote with a large green leaf on it

2. IKEA + Marimekko Launch Self-Care Centered BASTUA Collection

IKEA’s collaborations proved more than popular this year, landing three of them in more than one Top 10 list. The Marimekko collab came out on top with its BASTUA Collection centered around self-care. The Nordic brands joined forces to release the limited edition series of 26 products – from furniture to textiles to glassware – with bold patterns that reflect nature. With its “wellness first” ethos, the collection aims to bottle up the feelings of endless summers and Nordic nature’s natural beauty.

Drumroll, please… The most popular post of all posts in 2023 is…

Exterior of LG Smart Cottage showcase home at IFA 2023 with man and woman looking at the home standing on faux grass.

1. LG Smart Cottage Is the Future of PreFab Architecture, All Appliances Included

The readers have spoken and it’s all about the future of modern homes, and according to LG Electronics, it should be smaller, smarter, modular, and more energy efficient. The Korean brand showcased their LG Smart Cottage, as an example of possibilities, which is a pre-fabricated home they outfitted with their line of premium appliances and high energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions. Despite cottage being in the name, this high tech tiny home is all modern, but with added homey touches, like warm hardwood, tile, and fabric finishes. Still in the concept phase, yet it has us wondering when one of these homes for the future will become a reality.

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