Best Practice Architecture Designs a Color Rich Office for Healthcare App

05.27.20 | By
Best Practice Architecture Designs a Color Rich Office for Healthcare App

In Seattle’s Columbia Center, text-based healthcare app 98point6 has taken over the 25th floor with an expanded workspace that includes panoramic views of downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay, and Mount Rainier. Designed by Best Practice Architecture alongside Architect of Record Marvin Yamaguchi, the new office is an open, light-filled space boasting a dynamic color palette, plenty of greenery, and flexible workspaces for all to partake.

Most medical offices are pretty boring with neutral colors and generic furnishings that do not inspire. Bright colors were incorporated throughout, helping to define spaces while bringing joy to the work environment.

The app features board-certified physicians that offer on-demand diagnosis and treatment through their secure messaging. With a mix of doctors, nurses, and UX developers, a diverse set of needs presented itself requiring the designers to create various types of workspaces, along with ways to reduce clutter, find quiet moments, and include plants to bridge the connection to the outdoors.

A mothers’ room was designed for expectant parents and mothers with small children for necessary time together.

Informal spaces are interspersed with areas for collaboration and solo work offering great variety for employees to choose from.

Photos by Ed Sozinho.

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