Boho Dog Bed Collection from LayLo Pets

Brooklyn-based pet brand, LayLo understands at least two basic things about dogs and their humans. First, they understand that humans recognize dog beds as an important (and very visible) part of their home, so ideally they want dog beds to be designed with aesthetics in mind. Their new Boho collection features three modern designs that are low-pro and yet don’t sacrifice functionality: LayLo’s beds are built with a water-resistant orthopedic mattress and removable, washable cover with “dig-proof” weave and non-slip bottom. (LayLo’s beds are brilliantly designed with interchangeable covers, so your dog’s bed cover can change with the seasons – or as frequently as you prefer.) Second, LayLo understands that dogs can be just as picky as their humans. Thus, all of LayLo’s beds come with a 30-night trial period with free returns; if your dog doesn’t approve, you can send your LayLo back for a full refund. Check out the full collection at LayLo.

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