Casa Organica: A Free-Form, Cave-Like House Built Into the Earth

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Casa Organica: A Free-Form, Cave-Like House Built Into the Earth

Deeply enriched with the conceptual fusion of nature, architecture, and ecology, Casa Organica, designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain, is intimately tucked away in its own microclimate just northwest of Mexico City in Naucalpan. Its bio-architectural components create a harmonious + multi-sensory experience, enticing visitors to discover, interact with, and unlock new depths about the parallels between nature and architecture.

lush green landscaping with view of underground house

underground house covered in lush greenery and landscaping

underground house with oval wood door surrounded by greenery

Among Javier’s muses is the curvature of the universe – rounded + curved objects both big and small – from the most minuscule matter such as molecular DNA to the most grandiose entities like galaxies in the sky – these very mundane muses prove to be ubiquitous. Javier desired to employ them for the conception of Casa Organica, and they can be frequently observed throughout the entire space. Casa Organica also emulates the shelters of animals as well as the ambiance of cave dwellings without much modification by its inhabitants. The juxtaposition of the space’s polished yet primordial components suggest a thoughtful and conceptual design, while still deriving inspiration from more primitive periods, perhaps even before humans populated the earth.

A lustrous gold-hued hand chair designed by Mexican artist Pedro Friedberg, and a colossal wooden table reminiscent of tree bark occupy the main living space, along with other furniture decorated in varying shades of brown and tan. All furnishings throughout the home follow this natural neutral-hued color palette as well. The carpet within the space is also sand-colored, inspired by the idea of visually connecting the space to the earth; the ceiling also complementing the carpet to give the space a monochromatic appearance and all-encompassing feel.

Many of the structural design details within the home, of course, are also composed of curved objects and lines, including doors, windows, tables, mirrors, and shelves. Throughout the space, shelves are adorned by various ornamental objects such as ceramics, sculptures, cutlery, and countless books. Windows throughout the space are also intentionally designed and angled for optimal scenic viewing as well as sunlight exposure. The sun and earth work together to always sustain a stable temperature in the home too, which is beneficial because this helps in the prevention of allergies and respiratory diseases for its occupants.

The main anatomy of the dwelling is accessed through a polychrome curvy tunnel reminiscent of a cave – which is designed to emulate the feeling of entering the earth’s core. Oval-shaped openings are also carved into walls of the bedrooms to be utilized as closet space – as well as to incorporate a cavernous feel, with clothing in these voids neatly arranged on chunky bamboo hangers.

The studio space, which is in the ‘shark head’ part of the home, was designed with an oblong-shaped window proposing panoramic scenic views of Mexico City as well as the garden. An enjoyable way to travel from the house to the garden is to quickly glide down the built-in slide, which is totally a fun extension to the space. The garden is not only a picturesque part of the residence with its manicured lawn, shapely shrubbery, and stunning floral display, but it also plays an integral part in the space’s climate stabilization. Through a process called evapotranspiration, the garden aids in terminating pollution by filtering dust and carbon dioxide to maintain its pure air quality.

Casa Organica is truly an ecological + architectural gem, and after being inhabited by Javier and his family for 25 years, the architect has now allowed the public inside to view and engage with the bio-architectural wonder that he has created.

Photos by Leandro Bulzzano.

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