The Casper Glow Is a Gesture Toward Restful Sleep

With scientific studies pointing toward the effects of both interior and ambient light radiating from devices influencing both short and longterm health, companies are beginning to design lighting with some forethought and features servicing the minutes producing a restful night’s sleep. An example of this trend toward bedroom lighting factoring environmental design is the newly announced Casper Glow, a small light designed to realign the light near the bedside in harmony with our natural circadian rhythms.

At quick glance, the Casper Glow’s soft polycarbonate cylindrical outer shell shares a striking semblance to the Apple HomePod, albeit a bit shorter and narrower than its audio emanating cousin. In both cases, the small cylindrical design presents an unobtrusive, yet modern presence placed upon a surface and/or in corners of any room.

The smaller shape, alongside its cordless design makes the Glow portable, with a rechargeable system also operating as an occasional lantern if needed (or used outside the bedroom as a temporary ambient light source).

Rated for a soothing and warm 2700K light temperature, the LEDs within are comprised of an array of 36 warm white LED units, complemented with 12 accent amber hued LEDs. In combination, the Glow can produce a maximum of 280 lumens, intentionally set to a lower glow in comparison to most bedroom lamps in service of producing a relaxed state before bed; an ambient sensor adjusts brightness according to existing ambient lighting.

Additionally, the light fades out over a span of 45 minutes, or any amount of time personalized to the user’s preference for easing into “lights out” mode. The light can also be set up to gradually awaken users with a morning rise mode, with brightness increasing over a span of time.

The aforementioned features are already commonly found in existing bedside lights and lamps, but Casper has added some unique features, integrating a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope inside its casing. This addition allows users to turn on the Glow by flipping it over, or twist the top to adjust brightness, and gently shake the light to initiate a soft, low glow setting.

Tactile interactions are supplemented by an iOS and Android compatible Casper Glow app, allowing customization and controls of single or a multitude of Glow lamps (up to six Glows can be grouped at once) with a simple navigation experience mirroring the simplicity of the Glow itself.

The Casper Glow is available in single and 2-packs for $89 and $169 via the Casper website.

Gregory Han is Tech Editor of Design Milk. A Los Angeles native with a profound love and curiosity for design, hiking, tide pools, and road trips, a selection of his adventures and musings can be found at