Ceramic Sneakers by Kang S. Lee
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Kang S. Lee is a Korean artist living and working in Mexico City, Mexico. He has created a new series of sculptures paying homage to the Nike Dunk sneaker. The final series will consist of 50 to 100 pieces and he is considering the Vans Original, Converse, and Adidas Superstar for his next projects.

From the artist:

Sneakers are one of the most exciting and fast-changing phenomena in youth culture today. Sneakers moved out of the world of sports and became part of pop culture, as well as street and high fashion. They have also earned cult status among the serious wearers and collectors, followed by a series of limited editions, collaborations between sport-shoe companies, and designers/artists.

My sneaker project, modeled from a limited edition of Nike Dunk from my own collection, participates in the urban sneaker culture through the creative possibilities of the sneaker-form. It also challenges its extremely fast-changing and fame focused scene by using ceramics, one of the most traditional and labor-intensive mediums. Viewers will be able to enjoy the details and patterns on the ceramic sneakers, whilst being able to question what is behind the form by observing the various deformations of the pieces that often engage our emotions.

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