Ceto Lighting Inspired by the Rippling Ocean by Ross Gardam

05.07.20 | By
Ceto Lighting Inspired by the Rippling Ocean by Ross Gardam

Ceto is a minimalist lighting collection created by Australia-based designer Ross Gardam, where each glass element reflects a unique pattern, as the designer wanted to capture the surface of a rippling ocean through the mouth-blown pieces.

Offered in a number of configurations, the lights all share a delicate balance between the organic glass elements and precision machined aluminum components. Each light source appears to suspend from the supporting tube with no visible connections, giving the design its overall lightness.

The unique forms of the glass were achieved through traditional optic glass blowing techniques that cause a ripple glass effect to form on the inner side of the shade while the external shape remains consistent. Gardam explains, “For me, the ocean has such a calming effect; it’s a place heavily wrapped up in childhood nostalgia and a deep feeling of tranquility.”

Photography by Haydn Cattach & Mr P Studios.

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