Coway x Haily Hills Takes on an Artful Approach to Air Purification

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Coway x Haily Hills Takes on an Artful Approach to Air Purification

Korean home appliance brand Coway has earned a reputation as one of the more vetted air purifier manufacturers designed for home use, with a stable of models designed to scrub the air of dust and pollutants within rooms across nearly all dimensions. Their design approach ranges from the tastefully unobtrusive to a more furniture-like approach intended to cohabitate with other decorative elements. Coway’s latest air purifier takes the middle road, adorning one of their most capable design-awarded models with some artfully abstract embellishments intended to standout within a room rather than blend in with the help of Korean artist, Haily Hills.

All three colorway variations of the Coway Airmega 250 Art air purifier with artist Haily Hills large abstract art painting the background and white Ligne Roset Togo loveseat on right and white frilled rug in foreground.

Like its original iteration, the Airmega 250 Art remains the same in dimensions – 18.5 x 19.7 x 8.3 inches – permitting the air purifier’s 3-Stage Filtration System to draw in interior air through its activated carbon filter to remove odors and Green True HEPA filters to capture and inactivate 99.999% of fine dust, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and pollen, down to the 0.011 micron.

Cute fluffy sheepdog in living room with large windows seated near Coway Airmega 250 art air purifier.

Coway Airmega 250 Art on ground near wall mounted bookshelves with small ceramic pieces set on it and small table with magazines and candle set on top.

The Airmega 250 Art’s filtration is rated to clean up to 881 square feet twice every hour, with a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 230 for pollen, 249 for smoke, and 261 for dust. The Art edition also retains the original’s very convenient slide out pre-filter, with the entire front accessible for a quick vacuum or to replace the filters out, a design that makes the Airmega 250 one of the easiest air filtration models to maintain.

Airmega 250 Art set on window sill with wooded area in background.

The vanilla-tier Airmega 250 sold domestically in the United States is offered in a lone champagne beige finish, a design well suited to blend into a room, an effort that earned Coway a 2021 design award. But this new version takes upon a more expressive approach, a limited edition series comprising just 540 total units available, each realized in softly artistic abstractions created in collaboration with Korean artist Haily Hills.

Airmega 250 Art set on ground near Korean artist Haily Hills framed abstract artworks placed on walls and on the floor.

Hills’ portfolio is represented by an affinity for the abstract paired with natural materials as motifs, and similarly the Airmega 250 Art evokes elements of nature in its designs in gentle imagined landscapes of pastels, an intent clearly communicated by each of the designs’ names: Vanilla Sky, Green Breeze, and Pink Pebbles.

“I thought that Coway’s design philosophy – which emphasizes the design of natural materials – would be a meaningful match with the motif of nature in my work,” Hills said. “As the home serves as the healing space from a tough daily life for many people, I hope my artwork will contribute to this healing process.”

All three variations of Coway Airmega 250 stacked on top of each other near arched doorway.

The Airmega 250 Art is available for $499 exclusively at, while Haily Hills catalog of decorative art and homewares to complete the look available at

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