Craft x Graft Poster Design

The art of poster design is fascinating… Common studio posters are designed to appeal to an extremely large audience and usually lack creativity. Alternatively, posters that are created simply for the craft of graphic design often display real imagination.

Craft x Graft is a design studio based in Australia. As a design studio, they produce art prints, posters and other goods inspired by pop culture.

In addition to their studio work, founder and designer Pete Majarich is undertaking a design challenge to create a movie poster a day throughout all of 2016. He posts the amazing results on Instagram so you can follow along.


The posters are modern and minimal in nature with fun color palettes.

Being the professional designer that he is, Majarich also creates mock-ups for the posters. The mock-ups are thought through in detail, considering that particular poster. He covers every component, from the color palette of the vignette to the decor that surrounds the framed poster.


The entire project is impressively executed from concept to production. Head over to their website to see more of their design work.



All images from Craft x Graft.

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