Creative Challenge! Doritos Legion of the Bold

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Creative Challenge! Doritos Legion of the Bold
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When it comes to flexing your creative muscle, Doritos might not necessarily be the first thing you think of. But there’s where you would be wrong.

It was a creative spark of genius that birthed the beloved snack, when the chip was created in an effort to up-cycle tortillas into an innovative new snack by adding a flavorful combinations of spices and flavors. To help foster the same kind of creative thinking that turned excess tortillas into supermarket gold, Doritos launched their “Crash the Super Bowl” video contest. After 10 years of success with that campaign, Doritos is cultivating a community of thinkers, creators and artists called Legion of the Bold.


Once you sign up to be a member of the Legion of the Bold community, you unlock the dozens of contest opportunities. Top winners are awarded cash prizes to help them further fund their personal creative pursuits, buy supplies, software or whatever you might need to help you start building your creative career. Other prizes include points, badges, and bragging rights (plus your fair share of LOLs). In fact, one of their biggest contests awarded winners $50K! Check out some of the entries created by the Legion of the Bold community for some of the creative challenges:


It’s more than just a single contest, it’s a community of creatives vying for top position on the leaderboard (and for prizes, of course!). For example, in honor of the Doritos 50th Anniversary, the Legion of the Bold creative community was challenged to create a 50th anniversary t-shirt and the winning designer was awarded $1,000.

I love this hilarious video that demonstrates the intense crunch of Doritos Dinamita®. I want to see him change more rooms – like an interior designer powered by Doritos!

For the Doritos Vine feed challenge, one Legion of the Bold member won $5,000 and six seconds of fame with a Vine video that draws inspiration from the first space invaders video game.

In their Doritos JACKED™ 3D™ tortilla snacks challenge, there were some seriously intense videos to help represent the feeling of excitement… the daredevil winners taking home thousands of dollars in prize money.

And for the latest challenge, Doritos is asking Legion of the Bold members to dig deep into their creative bag of tricks to take some new innovative pictures of the chips and bags. Doritos are ready for their close-up, they just need to find their Mr. DeMille to make it happen! Put all that time you spent honing your Instagram photos to work, and maybe put a little cash in your iPhone 7 fund, and enter this photography challenge.

So channel your inner Mad Man, sign up and see if any other upcoming projects fit within your creative wheelhouse. And don’t miss that latest challenge. There’s currently $5,000 on the line! (Please let us know if you win anything! We’d love to know if anyone from our Design Milk family make it onto the leaderboard!)

Amy Azzarito is the author of "Nest: The Secret History of Things that Make a House a Home" forthcoming in 2020.