Designed for All Elements, TUUCI’s Outdoor Furniture Is an Easy Choice

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Designed for All Elements, TUUCI’s Outdoor Furniture Is an Easy Choice

It’s a good sign when outdoor furniture and fabrics meant to withstand all types of environments got their start in the marine industry – a Miami boatyard to be exact. TUUCI, founded 22 years ago by Dougan Clarke, creates and manufactures parasols, lounges, and cabanas that are unique, stylish, and innovative. And, they’re ready to bring your own patio or design project up to the next level, no matter the climate zone.

If you’re a designer working on a project that TUUCI’s outdoor furniture could be the right fit for, what might push you over the edge? Let’s start with the durability and longevity of the products, which provide something beautiful along with accompanying long-term value. Each product is made to order in Miami, affording designers the ability to tailor the look of each parasol or cabana to a specific project. Furthermore, with over 30 unique styles and a myriad of finishes and canopy customization options available, they can be used to create intentional focal points rather than as the accessory that normally helps tie the space together. And that’s just the start.

TUUCI is purveying the comfort of relaxing in the shade, in every environment imaginable. While they dot the landscape of some of the most exotic and luxurious hotels on earth, you can find TUUCI products just about anywhere. Their exceptionally engineered outdoor furniture is in use throughout the United States, Europe, Far East, and South America, complementing the natural shade already provided by each unique environment. The brand’s adventurous and stylish spirit goes a long way towards their continued exploration of Earth’s extreme and serene environments.

Our goal is to bring thoughtful design to shade architecture while pushing the envelope of durability and function in the most extreme environments on Earth.

-Dougan Clarke, TUUCI Founder & Product Architect

The materials used in TUUCI’s extremely durable outdoor products are all originally intended for the marine world. It only makes sense that marine grade materials would translate well to parasols that live in the rain, wind, and sun. Created in TUUCI’s Miami facility is a product with unmatched durability, resistance, and aesthetics ready to stand up to the toughest conditions.

So, just what is it that makes TUUCI’s performance fabrics go above and beyond? To start, they’re made from solution-dyed acrylic that’s been specifically designed for outdoor use, and they’re mold and mildew resistant. From a color standpoint, these fabrics are saturated the entire way through rather than only on the surface, meaning they won’t fade in the slightest.

But it takes more than that to be worthy of the TUUCI name. Each new design and product goes through extensive testing – salt spray, cycling through opening and closing, stress, and wind are all tested to ensure that these products will stand up to the elements and time alike. However, should anything ever break on a component it’s replaceable, ensuring a lifetime of serviceability.

For 22 years, TUUCI’s products have found themselves in a variety of environments. Each location tests products in different ways: desert properties in the Middle East with extreme sun and dry heat, subzero temperatures at après ski locations where parasols with heating are often used, and humid wind-swept islands in the Caribbean and South Pacific.

When designing for the elements using TUUCI’s outdoor furniture, you can simply choose which product is the best fit for the space, because every product is designed to be used in any environment. Cantilever parasols are perfect for large, deep seating lounge spaces and communal dining. Center post parasols work great over a pair of chaise lounges. Parasol bases with wheels are ideal for locations where mobility is key. And various design styles within each product group allow for TUUCI products to work well with every aesthetic.

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