Double Duty: Tubtrugs
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Sticking to a budget can be a challenging thing for design savvy folks who like to surround themselves with well-designed products. Believe me, I am all too familiar with this challenge. More often than not, you end up getting exactly what you pay for, which is not great if you happen to be financially challenged. That’s why it’s truly a delight when you come across a product that looks great and is well designed, multifunctional, and affordable!

Tubtrugs are available in an array of colors, shapes and sizes. My personal favorite, the shallow Tubtrug, is perfect for a variety of dog-related responsibilities such as bathing and toy storage. Insert pillows and Tubtrugs also make adorable dog beds!

Shallow Tubtrugs can be found at one of my favorite Los Angeles based shops Plastica or via the Tubtrugs site. Be sure to check out the Tubtrugs “uses” page to see a list of all the other ways Tubtrugs can be used. Don’t you just love getting so much more than what you pay for?