Eight is Great: Dottie’s Adoption Day Wishlist
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Although everyone who meets her thinks she’s a puppy, Dottie’s celebrating 8 big years with us this week. Check out what the huskypig has on her Adoption Day wishlist this year!


1. Because playful, super-cool style is her jam: collar and leash set from Hiro + Wolf


2. Yummy, healthy freeze-dried chia treats from Lincoln Bark // 3. Squeaky meats from Petprojekt // 4. For when you gotta go: Pardon Me! poop bags from Waggo // 5. Because she’s still (slowly) learning how to fetch: Camper Dog balls from Harry Barker // 6. For snuggling: Rocky plush toy from // 7. Because it’s cold out there for a pig: the Portland Pullover from Gold Paw


8. For crashing after the party: Bundle dog bed from PupLife

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