Fashion-Forward mimicri Designs From the Inside Out

08.20.20 | By
Fashion-Forward mimicri Designs From the Inside Out

Founded by wife-and-husband duo Sandy and Stefan Karstädt, mimicri is a modern clothing + accessories brand that employs a very unique design technique created by Munich-based industrial designer Bastian Muller, whom the founders met at Milan Design Week 2019. A sort of accidental discovery, the technique is called GRDXKN® and it’s a textile printing method that’s similar to silk screen printing.

Muller, who initially just wanted to reinforce fabrics to make them more functional and long lasting, experimented with printing ink and printed designs on the inside, which then become visible on the outside as a graphic pattern. Although he didn’t want the reinforcements to be visible, he received compliments for the interesting patterns. Thus, GRDXKN® was born.

mimicri is the first bag and fashion label that reinterprets everyday accessories using GRDXKN®. The modern cuts and styles pair with the playful geometric patterns created by the GRDXKN® technique in a new head-turning neon coral color way for a collection that champions innovation and individuality.

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