Flitch Furniture Makes Modular Furniture for Customizable Storage

03.20.20 | By
Flitch Furniture Makes Modular Furniture for Customizable Storage

Raleigh-based design brand Flitch Furniture, known for its modular designs, is ready to help out with spring cleaning. Three modular units at different scales, two stools, and three sizes of plant stands are all available as storage solutions that can change with your home. Inspired by the idea that furniture assembly should be fun and not a chore, Flitch’s products feature a pressure fit system and wooden dowel pins to eliminate the use of tools altogether.

Three versions of the Base modular unit offer versatile storage solutions that can be customized as needed. Three base sizes, the Base Solo, Base Duo, and Base Trio can stand alone or be stacked with varying amounts of additional boxes to create a range of different furniture options, including side table, dresser, storage bench, TV stand, entryway piece, and credenza.

Base boxes are detachable from the leg assembly unit, so they can easily be rearranged or float freely. The leg assembly unit lays flat when disassembled, taking up minimal space when not in use. Units can either have drawers, be left open for visible storage, or have a hole in the back for media cords.

Flitch Furniture has two different modular stools that can double as side tables when placed next to a sofa or bed. They comes in a variety of colors, from natural wood to a cheery yellow.

Three sizes of plant stands round out Flitch’s core collection. Offered in 6″, 8″, and 10″ sizes, the stands are made from maple plywood and elevate potted plants to create dimension in the home.

Photos by Flitch Furniture.

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