Fresh From The Dairy: Abstract Art Prints

I’m currently putting together a nursery and trying to figure out what kind of art I’d like to use. Instead of going with bright primary colors or baby animal photographs, I think I’m heading in the direction of abstract prints from Society6 that are full of complementary colors and soft lines. In case you’re decorating a nursery too (or any space for that matter!), here are a few prints I have my eye on:

Mikado Art Print by Tracie Andrews

Shape study #1 – Lola Collection Art Print by mpgmb

Shape Study #14 – Autumn Art Print by This Weekend Studio

Abstract Shapes 2 Art Print by ThingDesign

Abstract Geometric 13 Art Print by The Old Art Studio

desert I Framed Art Print by Madeline Martinez

Walk away Art Print by ElisaGabi

Inspired Art Print by Samantha Nickerson

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